MAR 29
Roy Foster, founder of Faith Love Hope, located at 3175 South Congress Avenue, Palm Springs, FL 33461, along with supporters and constituents of the great cause to aid, house,
train, and create jobs or Veterans, has entered into a joint venture with GoSunSolutions, a West Palm Beach based solar consulting firm founded by Steve Berg, and OBI Financial LLC, founded by Richard L. Kanter. “The group”, has created an alliance with Brilliant Harvest LLC, founded by William Johnson, to create “green jobs” via training, certification, and placement for over one thousand war Veterans expected to return home to Palm Beach County by December 2010.

Details of the project include, but are not limited to, housing solutions, food, shelter, licensing, insurance, counseling, and permanent job placement for soldiers as they return from defending our freedom. In addition, while providing alternative energy solutions, lowering carbon emissions as well as dependency on foreign oil, and becoming a “greener” energy independent Nation, the project hopes to expand throughout the state of Florida by 2012.

The group believes this is precisely the strategy needed to conquer the goal set forth by Sen. Nancy Detert, R-Venice requiring 20 percent of the state’s energy production to be in the form of renewable resources by 2022.



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